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Kimura Foundry Group Purchases 10th Desktop Metal Sand Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing System

日期:2022/04/07 發佈者: 流覽次數:131

Japanese-headquartered global foundry group relies on sand binder jetting from Desktop Metal’s ExOne brand at facilities in Japan and the United States to deliver high-quality castings with fast turnarounds.

Traditional casting processes require waiting almost 40 days for tooling. Today, with the ability to offer end-to-end rapid prototyping in-house, Kimura 3D prints molds and cores in patented ceramic sand and can produce prototype castings within five days.

“We are honored that Kimura, a foundry company with such high-quality standards, continues to make us their choice for digital casting solutions,” said Ric Fulop, Co-Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “Kimura Foundry Group is truly leading the way in production use of additive manufacturing, and they are an important partner in our mission to demonstrate the benefits of Additive Manufacturing 2.0 across all industries.”

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