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Wooden 3D printing with binder jetting technology

日期:2022/01/12 發佈者: Ron流覽次數:237

Every year, billions of trees were cut down to produce paper, build homes, and make furniture. From this, tons of sawdust were generated. While this sawdust is either burned or sent to landfill in current day, the company Forust has figured a way to recycle and utilize them. With the power of high-speed, high-resolution 3D printing, Forust is giving a new life to the discarded resource. Creating strong, beautiful and carbon-friendly wood products from wood waste.

With the advantages of using Binder Jetting Technology, Forust is able to make high-volume wood 3D printing affordable, reliable and sustainable.

Parts can be printed using the ForustProcess and can be used in a wide variety of applications – from consumer goods to luxury interiors. They believe that responsible material value chains are critical to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, and that additive rematerialization will play an important role in building this sustainable future.

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