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Create Zoom to Actual Size Feature

日期:2020/04/27 發佈者: Roy.Fu流覽次數:977

In long time ago, people create drawing in paper using pen and ruler, when the create some parts that is fit in the paper size, and they will usually create with 1:1 scale 2D drawings.

Nowadays, we have a 3D CAD software like SolidWorks, we are creating the 3D models in virtual area no matter the models are small or huge. (like below photo)

As you all know, SolidWorks is a parametric driven 3D CAD software, we create the exact dimension of the object that placed in graphic area, of course you can zoom in/out to the model size manually, but have you sometimes thinking about to see the actual size of your 3D models in your computer screen? Can we do that in SolidWorks?

The answer is YES!

Before we do that, let me introduce the Macro Feature for you.

Macro features are application-defined features (like programming) that users can add to a SOLIDWORKS model. The effect of a macro feature on the model is defined by programs that you, or a third-party, develop.”

Rather than go through the details in Macro, I will attach the pre-set file to you, and you just need to do few simple steps to create the zoom to actual size feature with your computer.

This file is a programmed feature to match your screen ratio with SolidWorks. Because different screen has different ratio, so you need to find the 1:1 scale ratio by your own. But please note that the result is just very close to the actual size but not exactly.

It will just take you 5 – 10 minutes to do it by following below 4 steps:

1.      Draw a 100x100x100 mm cube in SolidWorks

2.      Zoom to “Front View” and run the macro file named “Actual Size.swp”

3.      After run the macro, please do not scale the current view or rotate the model. Then you can measure the 3D model size with rule or calliper to find out the scale value

4.      Last step is to adjust the scale value by edit the macro file to find the

Finally, here is one more tip for you, you can add a shortcut key to this feature like below:

Written by Roy.Fu, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd.