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Another way to draw in Solidworks: Using Golden ratio

日期:2020/03/09 發佈者: Sandy Kwok流覽次數:1170

By Sandy Kwok

Many designers use golden ratio in their artworks as it can create organic and aesthetically pleasing composition. You can easily find examples in daily life such as shell, flower and logos.

Fig.1 Golden Ratio and examples in daily life

We can also use golden ratio in Solidworks. It not only helps us to draw the shape of the product aesthetically but also in an easier and faster way.

Here is an example using golden ratio in Solidworks.


              Fig.2 Dimension of Apple logo                             Fig.3 Golden ratio of Apple logo

Traditionally, we need to use many arcs and splines to draw the shape of Apple logo in Solidworks. Meanwhile, we need to give various dimensions to lines. It is very complicated and time-consuming.

However, if we use golden ratio, we only use circles with six different diameters (1,2,3,5,8,13) and one spline. Moreover, we will only use mirror, trim and fillet features in this drawing. This method is simple and faster.

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