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Save Time Adding Motion to Your Assemblies

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Save Time Adding Motion to Your Assemblies
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Save Time Adding Motion to Your Assemblies

Create Complex Geometry with Ease with the New Surfacing Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Learn how with SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Mates


Mechanical mates are a subset of the mate tools that mimic mechanical connections to components. With the comprehensive set of mechanical mates in SOLIDWORKS® CAD, you can easily create your assemblies and simulate their real world behavior.

Mechanical mates allow you to easily define the allowable linear or rotational motion of the components, such as:

- Cam-follower mate: connects a cylinder, plane, or point to a series of tangent extruded faces
- Hinge mates: create both a coincident and concentric relation in a single mate
- Gear mate: force components to rotate relative to one another about their axes
- Screw mate: allow an object to turn about its axis, and also move linearly along that axis
- Universal Joint mate: connects two shafts at an angle causing cyclical motion in the output shaft

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn how the comprehensive set of mate options in SOLIDWORKS makes assembling your designs easy.

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