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Linear Pattern – Instance to Vary

Pattern features are the productivity tools SOLIDWORKS that get your modelling task done faster.

The basic patterning method might not be sufficient when you would like to create complicated geometry. If we were to do a linear pattern on this extrude boss, we can imagine the pattern that is being linear patterned on will have the same image throughout. What if we want the same extrude cut but different in size?

The typical method will be creating multiple profiles for the cut.

Alternatively, we can use Linear Pattern to create the pattern and change the size of the cut.
You can find the feature under the Linear Pattern; it is called the Instance to Vary.

The steps to create this Instance to Vary will be quick and easy.

Step 1: Select Linear Pattern and choose the axis that you wish the pattern along the axis.

Step 2: Select the Features and Face, in this case which is the extrude cut in the part.

Step 3: Check the box “Instance to Vary”.

Step 4: We will select the dimensions that we would like to vary. In this case will be the length and width of this cut

Step 5: We will need to change the increment of the length and width of this cut.


With that you will be able to achieve the end variable profile with linear pattern feature without hassle, valuable time save to achieve the same thing which requires a lot of effort in the past.