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Make your design ‘Flex’ in Solidworks

Have you ever encountered a situation that you cannot create your desired model shape? If yes, you must learn to use this feature – flex. This feature is easy to use and can help you to cre ...

Great SOLIDWORKS evaluation tools for 3D printing

SOLIDWORKS is one of the best CAD software for designing 3D print model not just because of its convenience and parametric modeling, there are also a variety of evaluation tools assisting the ...

Online Licensing – Bring SOLIDWORKS back home

Working at home is becoming more common with the recent situation. Most likely for designer or engineer, you will also need to have SOLIDWORKS with you back home. ...


為了幫助對抗新冠肺炎,比利時的一家3D打印公司Materialize設計了一款免提式的門柄,讓人們可以隨意下載和打印,並在家中或辦公室使用。這款免提式的門柄無需直接用手掌接觸,使用者可用手臂開門,從而避免病 ...

Answers to commonly asked surface and advanced modelling problems (part 2)

Continue from our last model, now it is time to divide the shelled model into two pieces using split feature and a plane: (Note that split feature [insert > feature ...

Create Zoom to Actual Size Feature

In long time ago, people create drawing in paper using pen and ruler, when the create some parts that is fit in the paper size, and they will usually create with 1:1 scale 2D drawings ...

Quick start for SOLIDWORKS CAM

In 2018, SOLIDWORKS had introduced a brand-new tool on providing CNC programming in SOLIDWORKS, called SOLIDWORKS CAM. SOLIDWORKS CAM combines design and manufacturing in one ...

Design your own Easter egg

Easter is coming! Have you ever thought of making your Easter egg? In Solidworks, you can design your Easter egg even you are a Solidworks beginner. The process is simple and fast. We mainl ...

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