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Introduce Mesh BREP bodies to improve the capabilities of editing Mesh Data

Back in the old days, using SolidWorks to edit mesh data could be time consuming. SolidWorks could only convert mesh data into Standard SOLIDWORKS BREP bodies or Graphics bodies type. ...

3D Sculptor: Introduction to xShape

3DEXPERIENCE platform provides various apps for cloud-based 3D modelling, 3D Sculptor is a role that contains xShape app which provides subdivision modelling tools. Users could create smooth an ...

Adding physics to make rendering realistic

One of the greatest challenges in rendering is to simulate the actual condition in real life – gravity, contact, friction and motion, etc. In SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, it is no lon ...

Metal 3D printing solution releases new material for Dental and Medical applications

In the continuous development of material scope by Desktop Metal, new materials facing the Medical market have been introduced to provide a new method for producing a variety of products. Th ...

Wooden 3D printing with binder jetting technology

Every year, billions of trees were cut down to produce paper, build homes, and make furniture. From this, tons of sawdust were generated. While this sawdust is either burned or sent ...

Design with 3D Printing in Mind

Today, we are surrounded by electronic devices and some have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. However, most of these electronic devices require charging and one co ...

Instances to Vary option in Pattern feature

Did you use the ‘Instance to Vary’ option in a pattern feature before? It is a useful option to help you change the dimensions and locations of instances in linear or circular patte ...

Event-Based Motion Analysis

your browser does not support the video tag Motion analysis is a tool to help us simulate and analyze the movement of the mechanism in the assembly. In the motion analysis, we can i ...

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