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2021 創新日

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Top 10

日期:2021/10/11 流覽次數:597

1. Shortcut Bar and Command Search

Search All Commands appears in the shortcut bar by default
You can quickly search for tools and add them to the shortcut bar from the pointer location 
2. Reference Geometry
With reference geometry, you can select axes and planes directly in the graphics area.
This is useful for commands such as Mate, Measure, or patterns.

3. Coordinate Systems
In parts and assemblies, you can define coordinate systems by entering absolute numeric values for position and orientation. 
You can reference all parts of coordinate systems, such as planes, axes, and origin, in downstream features.

4. External Threaded Stud Wizard

Use the Stud Wizard to create external threaded stud features.
Define the stud parameters then position the studs on the model.
Apply thread parameters to existing circular studs

5. Hybrid Modelling

You're now able to directly alter imported mesh geometry with standard features, extrude, cut and fillet.
You can now use mesh for surface modelling and reference plane.
6. Detailing Mode
In SOLIDWORKS 2022 detailing mode replaces quick view.
It can now open any drawing regardless of which version of SOLIDWORKS it was saved in. 
Now can save the model data and standard views and insert it from the view panel and add whole table.

7. Configuration Table

You can use Configuration Table to modify configuration parameters for parts and assemblies. 
Allowing you to toggle components on and off, alter the dimensions and create new versions of parts all in one place.

8. Import Improvements

SOLIDWORKS 2022® offers improved performance for importing:
A large DXF or DWG file into a part sketch
You can select which IFC entities to import from the IFC files by defining filters in System Options.

9. Pack & Go Function Enhancement

For the first-time parts created by the split or safe bodies commands can be selected within the pack and go window. 
A progress bar has also been added to the window to indicate how long the process will take, which is especially useful for large assemblies.

10. Improved Collaboration and Data Sharing

Accelerate innovation and decision-making by connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.
You can easily manage and share all your data and collaborate with others.