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2020 創新日


日期:2020/09/23 流覽次數:742


1、Faster Contact Simulation
· Significantly speeds up contact simulation calculation
· • Improvements include parallel computing, better CPU usage, faster stiffness calculation and more robust data communication for contact.
Benefi ts 
Solve models with contact considerably faster.
2、Contact Stabilization
· Apply small stiffness to qualified regions to stabilize models so solver can get started without instability issues
Benefi ts
Achieve better convergence for contact.
3、Geometry Correction for More Realistic Contact Representation
·Geometry correction terms are automatically calculated and applied for contact between curved surfaces
Benefi ts
Improve contact convergence and accuracy for curved surface contact.
4、New Mesh Default: No Enforced Common Nodes
· Improvements in accuracy for bonding interactions enable robust and fast meshing
Benefi ts
Obtain mesh much faster with substantially same accuracy as with common nodes between parts.
5、Mesh Diagnostics
· Identify, isolate and prompt to fix poor quality elements
Benefi ts
Improve mesh quality with new set of mesh diagnostic tools.
6、 Automatic Equation-Solver Selection
· More accurate auto-selection of equation solver with commensurate improvements in speed and memory usage
Benefi ts
Use built-in intelligence to choose best solver to save time.
7、Redesigned Plastics Manager Tree
· Redesign of various nodes of Plastics Manager tree provides more streamlined and logical workflow for material selection, domain specification, process parameters and other key plastics simulation tasks
Benefi ts
Take advantage of new workflow that greatly simplifies simulation preprocessing.
8、Automate Baffle and Bubbler Modeling and Meshing
· Improvements to baffle and bubbler cooling system components (used in mold areas that can’t be cooled effectively by regular cooling channels).
· For baffles, blade inserted in channel splits flow passage into two halves
· With bubblers, plate is replaced with smaller inner tube.
Benefi ts
Improve cooling results accuracy by modeling and meshing real baffles and bubblers.
9、Plastics Material Library Enhancements
· Dassault Systèmes partnerships with leading global plastics material suppliers ensure customer access to most up-to-date and accurate plastics material data.
Benefi ts
Improve results accuracy with accurate and up-to-date material data.
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
10、Free Surface for Rotation
· Calculation of free surface for tasks, including rotating equipment
Benefi ts
Easily explore and understand your mixing process.