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SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM)
1、Enhanced SOLIDWORKS PDM Browsing Experience
·Browse through PDM Projects, BOM, Where Used, and Contains tabs, while file data loads asynchronously.
·See the information you need show up instantly once you’ve reached your desired location.
Benefi ts 
Browse through the PDM Vault more quickly as you no longer need to wait for all data to be loaded. 
2、Enhanced Search Interface With Advanced Features
· Search quickly right from Windows Explorer with no need to open additional windows.
· Search for multiple variables at the same time with any combination of operands, e.g., bold & iron | screw | copper.
Benefi ts
Refine your search and find the right product data more quickly and easily.
3、Child Reference State Conditions
· Define conditions based on the state of immediate child references to control the parent file transition in SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional.
· Prevent a parent file from moving through a workflow if the child references don’t match the specified condition. For example, you cannot move a PDF to the “approved” state if its child drawing is still “under development.” 
Benefi ts
Create more-precise product workflows based on the relationship between parent status and child status.
4、Bill of Materials Tab in SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2
· Access Computed bill of materials, Weldment bill of materials, Weldment Cut Lists, and SOLIDWORKS bill of materials in read-only view in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web2.
Benefi ts
View bill of materials from any device with any screen layout by using responsive design technology. 
5、List of Files to Download in SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2
· Review the list of files to download in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web2 when “download with references” has been used.
· View the list of files in a table where columns can be customized in the “download with references” user interface.
Benefi ts
Save time by examining your files to see if they contain the right data before you start a massive download.
6、SOLIDWORKS Manage Plenary Web Client 
· View and interact with file data in SOLIDWORKS PDM using the Plenary Web client.
· Use new Home and Project modules. 
Benefi ts
Use the full capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS PDM desktop client remotely and enjoy a better user experience.
7、SOLIDWORKS Manage Outlook Integration
· Save your Microsoft Outlook emails directly into a SOLIDWORKS Manage record.
· Create new records, such as Cases, from the data in an email message.
Benefi ts
Easily incorporate important email data directly into SOLIDWORKS Manage.
8、SOLIDWORKS Manage SubProcess
· When sending multiple records through a process, move some of the affected items into another connected subprocess for greater flexibility.
· The subprocess retains the history of the parent process. 
Benefi ts
Streamline your workflows and increase flexibility when working with multiple affected items in a process. 
9、SOLIDWORKS Manage Project Management
· Create Network diagrams and PERT charts with the enhanced charting tools.
· Get an instant insight into the user workload with the new capacity planning tools.
Benefi ts
Manage your projects and user workload more effectively. 

10、SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboard Viewer 
· Continuously display key dashboards on community monitors with the new Dashboard Viewer application.
· View dashboards in full screen mode for greater visibility. Dashboards update periodically.
Benefi ts
Provide relevant information to all stakeholders in an easily accessible and up-to-date format.